Token Lab Index (TLI) — this is index calculated by more than 20 parameters for companies planning ICO and token sales or have already done it.

Currently, there are several people working in our team of analysts who have an unbiased evaluation of the projects:

- reading WhitePapers
- View the profiles of team members ICO projects
- testing MVP (if available)
- watch and rate activities in social networks
- evaluate the previous investment activity (venture funds, business angels)
- evaluate the activity in the media
- explore the technical details of smart contracts, etc.

Each evaluation is set manually and adjusted later when it changes. We do not use data parsing to avoid errors.

Each rating in the index has several criteria — weighting factors. They depend on the importance of the object. For example, for a team, the weight factor is the maximum, since the team and its experience are very important. And for the age of the domain, the weighting coefficient is minimal, since this parameter is not very important.

Scoring model:

- Each value is measured using 5-point scale

- Each value has weight coefficient (from 1 to 3), showing its importance (the higher — the more important is the criterion)

- Weighted value is a multiple of 2 shown above values

- At the bottom of the spreadsheet there are average value using 5-point scale and weighted-avenge value (for friendly usage score shows at per cents)

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