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Ties.Network. An Intelligent Decentralized Business Network.

Ties.Network. An intelligent decentralized business network.

An intelligent decentralized business network.

Ties.Network is a professional networking platform that allows developers, consultants, entrepreneurs, as individual professionals and corporate users both to find business partners, offer, advertise and promote services, make transactions, hire employees, find investors for their projects and invest themselves.

Ties.Network is the universal network industry platform that uses advanced technologies to ensure a high level of security and anonymity in business operations.

This platform can be used in public and private sectors and in a high variety of industries for a broad range of potential customers.

Ties.Network is designed primarily to solve the problem of lack of trust within the crypto community. Strange users will find in it the safe environment in accordance with decentralized economy principles. Network design involves the protection due to using of blockchain technology and smart contracts. It also uses a system of “true rating” where the reviews can be done only by those who have made a real and confirmed business transaction. These reviews are protected from corrections and removal.

In Ties.Public used a decentralized distributed NoSQL database, called Ties.DB. It impervious to data compromise and supports its replication and sharding. It also provides change and deletion of data, full-text search, and support for secondary indexes, which are usually available only for private NoSQL databases.

The advantages of Ties.Network is difficult to overestimate. They are confidentiality and anonymity, depending on the user’s desire, decentralization and work speed. The platform provides data storage and stable speed. It has open source, which can be used by developers. The system has wide opportunities for expansion and scalability. These key advantages can be extremely useful for the success of business operations.

Platform and smart contracts Ties.Network can be used in different additional scenarios, but firstly, according to its creators, will be useful for a broad range of potential customers in the following sectors and industries:

Financial services

The creators claim that the platform is able to reliably manage the operations in the trade clearing and settlement between parties, calculates settlement accounts, and automatic transfers of funds. In addition, Ties.Network includes a system for automatic payment of bond coupons, interest on bonds and returns principal upon maturity. In insurance processing claims platform provides an environment for workflow and payment calculations based on the model of claims and policies.


Ties.Network can be used for secure archiving of electronic health data and its access using electronic signatures. Patients can grant access to selected health care providers.


While P2P transactions, smart contracts allows negotiating between individuals and corporations. In case of dispute, it can be solved by experts and intermediaries within the system. Thanks to blockchain technology Ties.Network also allows the transfer and custody of products to be recorded permanently for originality.

Countering piracy

The very essence of the blockchain and use of smart contracts are able to relieve copyright owners from the problem of music and media and to guarantee the payment of royalties. The technology is also able to guarantee the safety of valuable pieces of art in museums, galleries, and private collections and to ensure the right of ownership.

Charitable and non-profit organizations

Ties.Network platform allows charitable and non-profit organizations to collect and log donations, without additional personnel, which could increase their operating costs. Also, it can provide an additional information with automatic updates.

According to its creators, Ties.Network provides a revolutionary solution to store and manage data that will change the essence business operations. The majority of transactions, tests, and studies in the past time were carried out on private networks, limiting their scope. Using open source NoSQL databases, the platform Ties.Network is able to provide independent services to users with safety, convenience, efficiency, and transparency.

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