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Summary Of Winding Tree ICO. Decentralized Alternative To The Current Travel Distribution Landscape

Summary of Winding Tree ICO. Decentralized alternative to the current travel distribution landscape

Summary of Winding Tree ICO. Decentralized alternative to the current travel distribution landscape

Winding Tree is decentralized travel distribution platform that makes traveling cheaper for consumers and more profitable for suppliers.

Outer view

Winding Tree is a distributed blockchain platform for the tourism industry. According to its founders because of internet’s inefficiency, the main problem of the tourism industry now is distribution. The intermediaries concentrated in their hands management of the sector and built a barrier to new startups. During trips around the world, consumers are often faced with double marginalization and inflated prices

Winding Tree represents a decentralized alternative to the current concentrated travel distribution landscape, where everyone can receive direct access to service providers. According to the creators of the startup, the tourism industry is particularly suitable for the decentralized economy.

The creators of Winding Tree originally positioned its product as the B2B platform because they already have a range of service providers and intermediaries who are interested in working with it. The platform will introduce the basic principles of decision-making and incentives to providers, while users will be able to book holidays directly with the blockchain. The same time founders understand there only a small part of active travelers have an idea and experience with blockchain now.


Winding Tree’s founders set the goal to build a system that simplifies the relationship between customers and service providers and eliminates all intermediaries between them.

Token LIF creators of Winding Tree called the fuel of the platform. Its ERC20 compatible token with the additional functionality needed for travel agencies to transfer information about transactions. LIF tokens will have three additional methods compared to the basic ERC20 token, which will help their owners to transfer cost, data and (or) to execute a function on those transfers. According to the creators, additional functionality will allow companies to develop more complex, customized applications, and thereby increase the token value.

Tokens LIF can also be used to automatically settle costs. Government departments, airports, recruitment agencies, and suppliers are interested in automating payments and reducing of the transactions cost. LIF token also has other crypto currencies advantages including reduction of costs for international payments for example.


Planning the ICO, Winding Tree project creators set the goal to avoid the problems encountered in common projects in the past, the problems of centralization. Their solution is not to limit the number of generated tokens (and borrowed funds) but to limit the amount of funding that the founders will receive after ending ICO. This amount will be limited to $10mn. The founders will receive a quarter of all the distributed tokens. For example, in the case of distributing 75 LIF, there another 25 LIF will be created to distribute among founders, advisors, employees and other.


Despite the attractive and promising industry prospects, the creators of Winding Tree are unable to clearly articulate the goals and objectives of their project, to describe the mechanism of the platform, its advantages, and prospects of development and present its finished prototype. Currently, the project ICO is completed.

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