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Summary Of Snovio ICO. Decentralized Lead Generation Platform

Summary of Snovio ICO. Decentralized lead generation platform

Summary of Snovio ICO. Decentralized lead generation platform

Snovio represents the world’s first P2P platform for search and lead generation.

Outer view

Snovio founders hope to provide high quality service due to use of blockchain technology and crowdsourcing data collection.

In their opinion, its difficult to imagine now a profitable business without automating of the process work with clients, applicants and customers. However, the market often can not meet the demand for quality information in full issue. Users of these services buy a pig in a poke. They have outdated contacts or can’t figure out the requirements of a particular audience.

The idea of decentralization, the underlying in Snovio, solves a number of problems. In particular it attracts tens of thousands of people worldwide, collects data and updates system. These technologies and methods are making the service an indispensable tool for lead generation with the most accurate data for any type of business. Users of the service get the unique model of fair distribution of the proceeds of sale through a transparent and proven scheme.


Platform Snovio connects depositors and customers of works based on blockchain technology and smart contraction that guarantee equitable distribution of revenue between all parties. In case of any disputable situation, it will be resolved through arbitration. The platform also suggests an agency rating system for those agents who complete the order for the supply of data about the leads.


Snov token is used within the system for internal calculations between clients, platform, owners of the tokens, as well as to encourage users, add data to the system and update it. The distribution of tokens will occur during pre-ICO. Participants are rewarded by internal credits for adding new data to the system immediately. This token can be spent within the system to find necessary contacts, data validation, postal services and placing orders in the market.


Most part of tokens will be sold to buyers at a nominal price of $0.01. Then the tokens will be redeemed as necessary, once the initial pool will be implemented. Resources obtained from the sale of token will be used to attract users, to create a huge database of leads, to generate leads, as well as for aggressive product marketing.


The project doesn’t have clear documentation and clearly implemented marketing strategy, which make it not attractive for investment.

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