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Summary Of Rocket ICO

Summary of Rocket ICO

Summary of Rocket ICO

RocketICO – decentralized project accelerator for ones wishing to get bitcoin investing during the ICO. Its world’s first decentralized accelerator, built using DAO principles.

Outer view

RocketICO is an ecosystem, where the teams with their ideas, experts and investors can collaborate in the effective and secure way to create projects and bring it to the ICO with raising funds in crypto currency. RocketICO platform is based on Solidity DAO framework and presents itself a decentralized web application (dApp).

According to the project’s founders, there is high demand for organization ICO services in the background of the shortage of specialists with real experience in this particular sphere. There are companies that provide turnkey ICO entering services, but their examination is quite expensive (from 25 BTC). There is the long waiting list which also becomes a barrier for many potentially successful teams with their promising projects. The creators of RocketICO hope to solve this problem through their platform.

Project creators consider their mission to provide stable growth of the quality and efficiency of projects coming up to ICO, the growth of cooperation, coordination, expert qualification of investment & entrepreneurial Rocket ICO network. While unfortunately, ICO is still a black box for many investors, the accelerator’s main objective is to produce many projects which will be ready for investment.

We want to bring investment to a brand new level, where the investor can to interact with the team to help him by investing at preparation, early and every project stages both. This interaction mechanism will make the process of investments into the project more reasonable and solve the problem of trust

According to them, everyone can participate in investment projects which passed the Rocket ICO’s acceleration program. The interaction process, in this case, will not differ from standard investments for them.


According to the founder’s plan, the system will be used mainly by:

  • entrepreneurs and their teams who have projects and the desire to implement it, but have lack of capital and experience for a successful ICO.
  • professionals with successful ICO experience of the relevant qualifications approved by the RocketICO community.
  • RocketICO participants who own its tokens have experience of investing and desire to earn on the projects which are carried out on the platform.

Rocket ICO platform will be used, firstly, to simplify the ICO organization. For that purpose, there will be assistance provided for entrepreneurs at all stages of the ICO. This can be the preparation of the white paper, examination of project, product or business model, assistance in marketing, legal aspects and other matters. For that purpose will be used the expert network of marketers, developers, lawyers, investors and other professionals. For this also will be used the platform for the management of ICO, landing pages designer and set of tools to manage marketing campaigns.

Secondly, within the RocketICO platform, there will be the selection of projects which are to running for ICO. This will be an interactive expert system for the selection, counseling, and participation of experts and investors at all stages of ICO project launch.


The project produces a private utility-a token that will be actively used by investors, experts, and teams to communicate within the platform. There are only 25mn of RoketCoin emitted. RocketICO platform will receive a 5% fee of all funds attracted during ICO campaign. The fee will be transferred to the RocketICO account after successful completion finishing. In addition, RocketICO also will receive 5% of the total number of tokens issued by the ICO company. As a result, the platform will generate a crypto currency basket, with hundreds of different crypto currencies. Projects pre-ICO ended on September 19, the ICO started on October 10 and will last for one month.


RocketICO has clear objectives and a transparent development strategy, which makes it attractive and worthy of attention.

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