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Summary Of Qvolta ICO. Global P2P Crypto Currency Exchange

Summary of Qvolta ICO. Global P2P crypto currency exchange

Summary of Qvolta ICO. Global P2P crypto currency exchange

Qvolta is a global P2P platform that makes it quick and easy exchange crypto currency to fiat money and vice versa.

Outer view

According to the project creators, Qvolta is a direct response to a huge market problem exists at the global crypto currency market. It’s not possible to quick (5-10 minutes) and convenient conversation crypto currencies into fiat money for people in many countries. There are not enough scale and security for known platforms in this sector.

Qvolta will provide the reliable and convenient platform for quick buying/selling crypto currency using the most popular payment methods for individuals. Initially, there will be available for exchange only two crypto currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Later Monero and other altcoins will be added. The platform itself will act as a guarantor for the transactions, and later, as expected, it will be available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Founders of Qvolta want to be #1 P2P exchange of crypto currencies in the world due to the unprecedented quality of service and high returns for investors. Their mission they see to promote the adoption and increased of using of crypto currency worldwide.

They want to focus particularly on the continuous investments in the development of new solutions and improvements to technological leadership in the market. They plan to add a few extra functions and capabilities during the development of the project while focusing on excellent customer service.

Qvolta plans to launch the project in EU, USA, and Russia in the first year. In the second year, Latin America will be added. Markets in Asia and Australia will be added in the third year of project development.


Token QVT to be used for payment of tariff plans. Traders have to pay for tariff plan to create an offer to sell/buy crypto currencies on the P2P exchange Qvolta. The tariff plan depending on its cost, allows you to trade crypto currency in the amount prescribed by this tariff plan.

Qvolta solution will provide a number of advantages in comparison with other exchanges in the market unparalleled ultimately:

  • value proposition for users
  • convenient and friendly interface
  • low rates and no hidden fees
  • the accessibility of mobile applications, and easy integration for the user between desktop version and mobile app
  • support for all operations, including resolutions dispute
  • emphasis on round-the-clock customer service
  • the system of guarantees and high-security platform
  • global reach and presence in all the countries of the world

Security of platform users will be provided with applications Qvolta Wall and Qvolta Security. Qvolta Wall is responsible for the security of the account. After logging in user will receive a notification with information about device and address of the previous entry.

Qvolta Security is an application that generates a personal unique code every time when you log in to the platform and try to carry out operations with it.


Qvolta plans to attract funding for the development of the platform within 4 years. The company plans to launch its own token QVT and to sell 18mn this per year through the project platform. There is no minimum amount of fundraising for ICO. The release date of the project on the exchange will be announced within three days after the end of ICO.


The absence of a functioning prototype is the main drawback of Qvolta. Apparently, it is assumed that the project team will start creating, refining and bringing it to market the completion of the ICO. It’s not the most attractive issue for potential investors.

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