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Summary Of PlayKey ICO. Cloud Gaming Service

Summary of PlayKey ICO. Cloud gaming service

Summary of PlayKey ICO. Cloud gaming service

Playkey Token (PKT) is a crypto currency which enables you to play demanding games on weak computers and other devices using the service of cloud gaming.

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According to the startup developers, cloud-based games are the future of the gaming industry. There are 2.2bn users of computer games worldwide. According to the report of global games market NEWZOO for 2017, named Game Streaming is the Future, the volume of the gaming industry today is $109 bn. Thus, according to data of PC usage compared to the requirements of the game Dishonored 2, there 81% of all players worldwide cannot play new PC games.

The founders point some obstacles currently standing in the way of development of cloud services for gamers. In particular its the complex process of software development for game streaming. Also, it’s the difficulty of getting permission from the developers and game publishers to use their game titles on cloud platforms. As well as the high cost of equipment (professional graphics processors, server hardware, storage hardware, etc) for game development.

PlayKey founders claim their decentralized cloud gaming is a technology that will revolutionize the gaming industry. The service is based on proven technology. The team of PlayKey included fifty experienced R&D professionals who collaborate with leading game publishers, including Ubisoft, Bethesda, and Wargaming.

Its mission PlayKey founders point as to make cloud gaming revolution on early stages of decentralization. They, in particular, expect:

  • allow all players to play any game they want, on any device connected to the internet using a decentralized cloud model and the existing patented technology
  • to create the world’s largest platform and marketplace for all suppliers of equipment, gamers and other participants in the growing industry of cloud gaming

to provide a decentralized ecosystem with the core platform for the miners and gamers based on blockchain technology, which will give private and professional GPU owners a new way to earn money.

According to the PlayKey founders, this method is more effective, stable and less risky than the mining of crypto currency. It also gives players an affordable possibility to play the latest games without the latest generations of equipment.


PlayKey technology includes the network of 120 servers, Nvidia Grid, based in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Moscow, which supports by one of major European venture capital fund. PlayKey strives to create an ecosystem for cloud gaming, which will include:

  • dozens of independent owners of powerful computers around the world (“miners”), united into the community, act as a provider of cloud gaming services
  • one universal ecosystem token PKT, which will be distributed via ICO
  • unified high standards for cloud-based gaming service (SLA) installed as smart-contract between the miner and the gamer
  • the governing and regulatory body of the community is a fundamental Рlaykey technology, the issuer of the PTK token responsible for the development of services and ecosystem in general.

The creators argue that all of the parties involved in the project will get benefits from the PlayKey ecosystem. Miners receive effective use of its computing equipment that is more efficient, stable and less risky than the production of crypto currency. Gamers will be able to choose the best and the closest server for the game. The developers and publishers of games will have the opportunity to spread their customer base.


PlayKey plans to launch the ICO with a volume of 100 mn tokens PTK. The project founders use these raised funds to integrate blockchain technology into the Playkey gaming service to develop a decentralized, resource-consuming, secure and fast P2P streaming solution for games where the miners can provide powerful resources for gamers. They have the goal to attract 10 mn active players in the US and EMEA and APAC areas.


The project is detailed and used in promising business area, but to be truly attractive for investors, its founders should provide at least a partially working beta version of their platform itself.

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