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Summary Of KickICO. Smart Contracts & Blockchain Based Platform For Crowdfunding

Summary of KickICO. Smart contracts & blockchain based platform for crowdfunding

Summary of KickICO. Smart contracts & blockchain based platform for crowdfunding

KickICO – the first modern platform that offers integrated solutions for ICO, crowd-funding, and crowd-investing.

Outer view

Till the end zero the whole world is watching the rise and development of crowdfunding. According to many ones using crowdfunding platforms is the easiest way to get funding for a project without the help of venture capital investors. Especially it was easy to believe in after the success of the Kickstarter (2009) and Indiegogo (2008).

But the crowdfunding market still has a lot of limitations and obstacles.

  • traditional crowdfunding platforms require the presence of the country resident where it officially running
  • platforms get high commissions (15-20%) the same as payment system used during it
  • platforms overloaded with failed projects that discrediting their authors and the platform as it own
  • major crowdfunding websites focus on major projects with a marketing budget, and ignore small campaigns with interesting ideas but without enough funds for promotion

According to KickICO founders, decentralization, crypto currencies, and smart contracts is a new solution to the problems of crowdfunding. Crypto revolution is to change the market situation and make fundraising an easy process.

Its mission the project founders see to help innovators, game developers, entrepreneurs, designers and all creative people to make its dreams come true – to translate their ideas into reality regardless of location, origin or socio-economic status. Unlike many other blockchain projects, KickICO has not only a Road map and a project prototype but working platform as well, which were launch in October 2017.


According to its creators, KickICO represents the first modern platform, which offers integrated solutions for ICO, crowd-funding, and crowd-investing. The platform provides the project founders, backers, advisors, escrow agents, translators, designers, advertisers etc – the tools for online fundraising, which operate through decentralized blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The list of services includes smart contracts, marketing, promotion, consultation, project management and all the knowledge and skills embodied in two dozen experts in the field of crowdfunding.


  • the launch of ICO, pre ICO, and crowdfunding campaigns;
  • the provision of additional services to launch ICO, pre ICO and crowdfunding campaigns;
  • the security service for pre ICO, ICO and crowdfunding campaigns using crypto currency KickCoin, which is used for domestic payments.

KickICO platform gets 4% fee of collected funds, project founders receive all other means immediately after the campaign is complete. This fee is charged only after the successful completion of fundraising. In the case of the ICO campaigns that create new tokens for backers, KickICO additionally takes 4% fee of the tokens created during this campaign. This fee is transferred to the KickICO reserve fund.


KickICO and all the projects within the platform create the KickOnomy ecosystem, a system supported by its own cryptocurrency company. In total, there 800 mn KickCoins were created. 30 mn of it is meant for the preICO and 600 mn for the ICO. Another 100 mn were created and distributed among the KickICO founders and the rest were created for consultants, lottery, bounty campaigns, investors, and PR campaigns. KickCoin is not mined by users or during other campaigns.


KickICO has a well-designed business model, backed up by excellent documentation, a working prototype of the platform and marketing company with a good promo campaign. All this testifies to the confidence between the investors.

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