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Summary Of Everus ICO. Real-world Applications And Solutions For Consumers

Summary of Everus ICO. Real-world applications and solutions for consumers

Summary of Everus ICO. Real-world applications and solutions for consumers

Crypto currency based on blockchain technology soon will become a common monetary tool, and their use will become ubiquitous. Everus is a platform for real-world applications and solutions for consumers.

Outer view

The creators of ICO Everus believe that the use of crypto currencies and the benefits of it grow slow but steady pace. Their inclusive benefits and the trajectory of the development clearly indicate the wide distribution and use as money in the near future. In the end, its turnover will be regulated by governments.

Everus architecture assumes platform for business and consumers. All transactions within the platform will be added to the online registry, encrypted with a digital security code. The transaction key will be sent in a large network, where it confirmed without prejudice to private information and eliminate the need for the centralized validate. Once the transaction is confirmed, by one and more parties, it remains in the register of each user as a permanent and unchangeable record.


The creators of the Everus divide the project into several stages:

The opening of the commercial ecosystem. The Everus world is seen as an open global ecosystem, populated by sellers, buyers, service providers and their customers. They will be able to use the blockchain for commercial purposes – trading, payments, P2P-platform, P2P microfinance and other services.

Creation of smart financial management tools. Smart finance and accounting tools for personal and organizational crypto currency management for consumers, merchants, traders, and regulators.

The release of crypto currency. Released on the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure the Everus (EVR) is the official crypto currency, which nourishes and strengthens trade and the growth of an Everus ecosystem.

Market research and listening. Continuous in-depth interaction, observation, and study of the changing needs and problems of cryptocurrency users and future regulators.

Bridge the consumer-regulator gap. Some governments, financial institutions, securities сommissions and other regulatory bodies have already appreciated the advantages of crypto currency. Everus is dedicated to bridging the gap between the consumer and the regulators.

Execute regional and global blockchain initiatives. Everus develops information and inclusive campaign, as well as real initiatives that involve the use of crypto currencies and smart contracts to solve problems in such areas as:

  • assistance in case of natural disasters
  • military applications
  • financial education
  • inequality addressing
  • management

In its mission statement, the co-founder and CFO of Everus, Alex Johnson, stressed the importance of a balance between the needs of consumers and the interests of regulators, which can be found only by using the full potential of blockchain technology and crypto currencies. But for this, there should be a solution that meets the interests of both parties. According to him, only by establishing a delicate balance between these two sides there the equitable way can be found. The Everus project using financial technologies based on the blockchain seeks to fill this gap and contribute to the evolution of the traditional financial systems within the conditions of new economy.


The fuzzy structure of the business project and the absence of a functioning working prototype make Everus project unattractive to investors.

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