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Summary Of Etherparty ICO. Flexible Platform For Smart-contracts

Summary of Etherparty ICO. Flexible platform for smart-contracts

Summary of Etherparty ICO. Flexible platform for smart-contracts

Etherparty is a platform, which is used to create, control and implementation of smart-contracts and resolves any difficulties while working with them.

Outer view

Easy system to create, use and manage smart-contracts can sharply expand the pace of commercial and consumer use of blockchain technology. Still, the potential of the blockchain (distributed database registry) is limited due to the lack of user-friendly apps to work with. Etherparty intends to offer a solution to accelerate, reduce the cost and security of working with smart-contracts for individuals and legal entities. It represents the next generation of software as a service. The creators promise to offer Etherparty as smart contracts control system as like as WordPress and Wix offered the advanced tool for content management and web development. With an eye on Legalzoom and DocuSign, Etherparty founders intend to make complex processes simple and affordable with a favorable infrastructure for authentication and automation.

According to project’s creator’s smart-contacts demand will grow as far as applications automation. To meet this demand Etherparty intends to create a platform and services that allow any user to access the smart contracts using the blockchain technology without any specific technical knowledge.

Etherparty platform will create smart contract libraries, which will be applied in a variety of industries, including banking, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, insurance, currency trading, real estate, digital identity, and so on.


Etherparty’s creators claim that their product is unique because:

  • it doesn’t need any additional tools,
  • it offers smart contracts templates,
  • it doesn’t require synchronization,
  • it allows executing the contracts quickly,
  • it allows creating legally binding contracts,
  • it offers solutions for corporate users
  • it has the flexibility

The creators assume that Etherparty platform will find its utilization in:

  • in financial transactions. Smart contracts bind both parties by the rules that apply, excluding the possibility of disagreement.
  • in industry. Etherparty platform offers integration with any information system with API.
  • in the field of law. The platform offers corporate document repository where information immutable and indisputable, and authorizations and access to documents are recorded.
  • while ICO creation. Etherparty provides a solution for the platform deployment and graphical interface to interact with smart contracts.


Own token FUEL will be a key to use Etherparty. It needs to manage contracts libraries, security testing, network fees, monitoring, and management of the entire smart contract process. FUEL is a transferable ERC-20 compliant digital token deployed on the Ethereum network and is the in-app currency that powers the Etherparty platform. FUEL tokens are used to verify users interaction with Etherparty and allow them to buy, trade and perform other actions with the smart contracts within the platform. Etherparty’s ICO is open now. It ends on October 29. During pre-ICO were distributed 451,365,152 FUEL tokens and received 344 BTC.


Etherparty can bring blockchain technology and the order of work with smart-contracts to a new level. Excellent documentation and presence in the media allowed it to get a high-reliability rating at TokenLab.

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