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Summary Of BlockV ICO. Protocol For The Blockchain Developer Stack

Summary of BlockV ICO. Protocol for the Blockchain developer stack

Summary of Blockv ICO. Protocol for the blockchain developer stack

The project Blockv is a work platform using v-atoms (vAtoms), digital products that expand the capabilities of blockchain technology and increase its commercial potential.



According to the Blockv developers to stimulate the exponential increase of blockchain using it need to have the flexible user interface. Interface protocol Blockv is called to expand the possibilities of already known blockchain platforms, as like as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and so on due to powerful communication tools. It can be an interactive 2D and 3D graphics, sound, music, animation, positioning, loyalty programs and real-time status changes and others that generate income and focus on the end customer.

Blockv allows you to develop in a quick way and distribute interactive smart objects, called v-atoms (virtual atoms). They generate crypto currency as a dynamic asset for developers, brands, and end-users. With the help of multimedia, the creators of the Blockv are going to open new opportunities for income and development of the developer’s ecosystem.

Blockv’s significance

The virtual items economy is growing rapidly, but its development is constrained by several factors.

  • digital objects are part of closed digital ecosystems
  • they cannot be fully possessed
  • there is no interaction with the real commerce and trading platforms.

The creators of the Blockv consider their mission to liberate these objects, create the beginning of a new virtual items economy. For that propose, they launched own token V (symbol: VEE), which will be the basis of the Blockv circulatory system. It’s tokens of smart contracts made according to ERC20 standard. They are an integral part of the open Blockv protocol. V-tokens need to function of the protocol through a mechanism for compensation and cooperation.


The purpose of the Blockv

The creators of Вlockv expect their interface based on blockchain technology with the possibilities of compatibility and scaling will find application in several industries. As potential consumers, they indicate $15bn computer games industry, almost $100bn virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality industries, and crypto currency industry, which volume also exceeds $100bn.

Blockv brings safe environment for private users and the corporate sector where they are able to own, buy, sell, trade and make deals with scarce and unique virtual items.

The developers claim that they are involved in the process of democratization of the virtual items economy, which will benefit developers. They will have tools to innovate without regard for technical limitations. Blockv opens the access to the interface to create custom apps based on the blockchain, removing the barriers blocked this technology. Thus, Вlockv is a simple and intuitive way for large-scale monetization of blockchain technology. After two years of continuous development Blockv platform now works in fully operational mode.


Pre-sale of V-tokens ended on October 20 and October 19 launched major sales that will last until 24th. Blockv goal is to collect $20mn in presale and another $20mn during major sales. Team tokens (25% of total) will be locked up for 2 years, with 1/5th being available right after the token sale and 1/5th being unlocked to the company every 6 months after the tokens sale ends


Despite the ambitious goals, well-researched documentation and list of developers and advisors, Blockv poorly represented in the media and doesn’t still have product prototype.

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