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Summary Of Bankera ICO. Blockchain-based Banking Service

Summary of Bankera ICO. Blockchain-based banking service

Summary of Bankera ICO. Blockchain-based banking service

The Bankera project is a digital bank, founders of which intend to create a global structure that will satisfy the basic needs of the market without the involvement of contractors. The project users will receive basic banking services – savings and loan account.

Outer view

To achieve these goals, Bankera applies for licenses for additional banking services in key jurisdictions, to be able to work in a wide range of fiat money and simplify cross-border operations without the need to work with contractors.

Bankera also plans to work with key financial networks. In particular in the EU SEPA, Faster Payments in the UK and ETF in Canada. To obtain the status of the issuer and acquirer project founders intend to contract the major payment card systems. In addition to traditional banking products, Bankera will provide innovative solutions for individual and corporate customers.

For business. Bankera increase profits by optimizing the payment processing on the basis of cash flow data and expected payments.

For individuals. Bankera will solve the age-old problem of client’s savings connected with inflation and depreciation, through the creation of an investment product based on a shopping cart which will be adjusted automatically with inflation.

The Bankera founders believe that digital payment services are able to identify frauds more effectively compared to banks, due to the volume of collected data. Therefore, Bankera will design the expansion of its technology KYC and frauds detection for the prevention of law violations. This solution should reduce the number of cases of chargebacks, and thus to reduce the data processing cost for customers.


Bankera will provide users the virtual wallets for 22 fiat currencies, covering all major currencies, including USD, EUR, and GBP. In addition, Bankera will also support new digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, NEM etc., through which the project will get in the forefront of the emerging crypto currency digital ecosystem.

Central banks of the major world economic leaders (the Bank of England, Central Bank of Sweden, the European Central Bank etc.) discuss the introduction of new digital currencies. By its emergence, Bankera will serve as a gateway between it and end users to facilitate access to these emerging currencies.

According to the Bankera founders, businesses and users are faced with two key problems connected with online payments: the risk of frauds and the difficulties with the currency transactions. As it expected Bankera will solve these problems using proprietary solutions for customer data validating and screening frauds, as well as ensuring incoming payments (as an alternative to payment by invoice financing).

In the future, Bankera will offer various investment solutions for individual clients. Initially, it will be offered to cooperate with low-cost exchange-traded funds, later offers pool will expand by trading, advisory, brokerage, storage services, asset management, etc. Most of it involves the use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

For corporate clients, Bankera will initially offer treasury services, which will expand to a list of key investment banking services required by corporate clients.


To promote the product to the market goals, Bankera will launch its own ICO campaign and distribute Bankers token (BNK). The raised funds will be spent on the project development.


–°onsider to features particularly this economic sector and complexity of the proposed infrastructure, the investment attractiveness of the project raises some doubts.

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