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Leadership In ICO Rating Worldwide

Leadership in ICO rating worldwide

Leadership in ICO rating worldwide

Not long ago I had to argue and cool the enthusiasm of my friend who adopted the global rise of the blockchain technology. Entrepreneurial innovativeness of ICO, where this technology is used to receive investments for different business projects, offset by scum campaigns created by fraudsters to steal investors funds.

Regulation trap

State or independent institutions could regulate or coordinate the activities of the ICO projects, but, firstly, it contradicts the essence of the blockchain, and, secondly, it’s easy to challenge the independence of such supervisory authority, which will lead to disputes and division of the crypto community.

While experts, industry insiders and journalists looking for a way out of the impasse, the authorities of some countries, it seems, are already decided everything for itself. This summer North American regulator SEC has proposed to register the offer and sale of tokens, stressing that this technology can be used to provide a fair and legitimate investment opportunities. At the same time on September 4, the official China and further on September 29 South Korea announced a ban on ICO at the legal level. It does not prevent the volume of more than 800 crypto currencies, according to the Сoinmarketcap. It points the fact of daily implementation of the ICO.

How to evaluate

The market is growing rapidly and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to learn and understand the diversity of the ICO. We tried to collect all the information about the key projects which are raised investment with offering its own token.

To handle it we estimate more than 20 parameters of each project. In particular, we reading white papers, viewing team members profiles, testing the MVP if it’s available and its rating activities in social networks. Also, we evaluate its previous investment activity (including venture funds, business angels etc.), media activity and explore the technical details of smart contracts. To avoid errors for our ratings we do not use data parsing. Each evaluation is set manually and adjusted later when it changes.

We give the forecast of development and expert evaluation of the projects. Already now we can predict the development vector of the project and identify fake and scam ones. We use the scoring model including the 5-point scale for each value which has weight coefficients (from 1 to 3) showing its importance. We use a unique technology, the result of which becomes the most objective rating of the ICO you can find on the net. It an is used by the market majors and ordinary investors both.

Leadership request

Now Token Lab is one of the best services for searching most reliability ICO and token sales companies. Our rating data is used by independent journalists and world media, and the number of links on the Internet is constantly growing. We daily expanding the base of ICO projects that appear or leave the market. Token Lab monitors market in 24 hours state and updated faster than opponents. Now we are one of the worldwide leaders of the rating ICO.

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